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Caroline F. Downes Fine Jewelry
Press Kit
Caroline Forrester Downes
Former graphic designer, turned jewelry designer
Caroline F. Downes Fine Jewelry (formerly CFD Fine Jewelry LLC)
Downes create fine jewelry filled with a soft, yet edgy texture, using materials such as precious gems, 14k gold, and sterling silver, as well as an array of mixed metal, and one-of-a-kind pieces.
Downes’ 2nd floor studio walk-up is located in the historic (and adorable) town of Berlin, Maryland. Movies like Runaway Bride, and Tuck Everlasting were filmed there, and the town is situated just 7 miles away from the resort beach town of Ocean City, Maryland. The studio is appointment only, and is part workspace, part showroom. The Caroline F. Downes Fine jewelry studio is set up to receive private appointments for custom jewelry work, such as bridal work, heirloom redesign, and one-of-a-kind designs.
Caroline F Downes Fine Jewelry began as CFD Fine Jewelry LLC in 2015.
Downes first showed at Metal & Smith in Feb, 2018, although she considers Premier X Designer her first trade show.
After working for a few years as a Graphic Designer, Caroline Forrester Downes decided to change career paths and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a jewelry designer. Downes has always been drawn to metal, even as a child. She used to collect rusty found objects as a young girl, and would incorporate those pieces of metal into her paintings and sculptures. When she began making jewelry at age 12, she longed for the use of a torch, to be able to extend her skillset past the readily available beads and wires. After seeing her Grandmother retire and convert her garage into a painting studio, and seeing her work soar to new heights, Downes’ realized there is no time like the present to pursue life’s true passions. She promptly quit her job as a Graphic Designer, and took classes with Michael Schwartz at the Creative Metalwork School of Design as soon as she could and got started on her first collection.
Using the lost wax casting method of jewelry making, Downes carves, melts, and sculpts wax to create truly unique textures that are somehow both soft and delicate, while edgy and wild at the same time, to create a look she likes to call, “refined rebellion.”
Downes draws major inspiration from her travels hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. On her expeditions, she finds it fascinating to discover man-made structures that have been subjected to Earth’s elements over time. Observing how nature can soften sharp lines, create patterns in decay, and take over with growth, is the basis for all of her work.
Owner: Caroline Forrester Downes
Phone: (443) 783-7985
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