SU Intern

    CFD Fine Jewelry is seeking a detail-oriented
sculpture student looking for an internship in a small batch
jewelry prodution facility. We strive to create a positive and
fun work environment to be able to focus on the work at
hand, in the most creative way possible. We are looking for
patience, enthusiasm, and the willingness to go the extra
mile to learn a new skill.
Internship Tasks:
    -soldering posts
    -fabrication work
Preparing Wax Models for Casting
    -filling molds
Cleaning Castings
    -cutting spru’s
    -sanding with flex shaft
    -buff with lathe & rouge
    -ultrasonic cleaner
    -steam cleaner
We are an open book, and would love the
opportunity to teach someone everything we know about
the handmade fine jewelry world. We would love to share
our other strengths as well, like how to use a DSLR, set up
a photoshoot with proper lighting, how to edit your items
with various Adobe Creative Suite programs, create digital
content, as well as creating spreadsheets, item line sheets,
lookbooks, etc., should they be interested to learn.

Please send an email to