Dripping Vine Earrings

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These one-of-a-kind organic textured earrings replicate the growth of vines and other vegetation that form near cascading waterfalls. They drip with such vibrant green growth and it makes my nature-loving heart swell!
Two (2) "Brazilian Emerald" Tourmaline's
14k Yellow Gold
*Sold As A Pair*



*This is a one-of-a-kind, handmade item. The stone was hand picked by Caroline, who only sources gemstones from members of the American Gem Trade Association to ensure the highest ethical standards. She then creates a custom, textured form out of wax that fits the stone & its characteristics perfectly. It then goes through a process called, Lost Wax Casting, where the wax form is covered in plaster, stuck into a hot kiln where the wax melts away, and gold or silver is poured in it's place. It then comes back to the studio and is finished to perfection. For more on the process, click here!*